Benjamin Slattery - Portfolio

Sticky Situation

Battle your way through a gauntlet of evil slimes while absorbing their power and unleashing it in strategic melee and ranged attacks! Join together with sticky slime dropped from either your enemies or your own moves to attack—but if you lose all your slime—game over.

Find the game on to play for free! This game was submitted to the 2021 Game Maker's Tool Kit Game Jam.


Sticky Situation Main Theme
Moist Atmosphere
Viscous Battle
The Big Slime Boss Battle


Slime Collision
Slime Boss Jump
Slime Boss Land


Crossroads is an action-adventure metroidvania game set across the circles of hell. Awakening in Limbo, the player must traverse Gluttony and Heresy to unlock power-ups that expand their toolset, opening new routes for them to explore to eventually escape hell's Crossroads.

Find the game on to play for free!


Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here (Main Theme)
A Somber Lake
The Battle Against Cerberus


Meowtations is an action-adventure metroidvania game set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans are extinct and cats have mutated into the dominant life-form. Now that your sister has been kidnapped, will you gain enough power to save her by replacing yourself with robotic parts, or by mutating your DNA and becoming unrecognizable?


Meowtations Main Theme
The Forest and the Cure
The Catwood Tree
The Bar
The Spider-Cat


Lamplighter was the winner of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute International Game Developers Association 2021 Cutthroat Game Jam. As part of the requirements for the Cutthroat Game Jam, our team was required to include the sound of someone saying "muh" in every sound effect.

Find the game here to play for free!


Lamplighter's Theme
Eldritch Ambience
Eldritch Attack


Door Opening
Elevator Rising
Lighting the Lantern
Extinguishing the Lantern

Bounty Hunter

This game is a retro 80's top-down cyberpunk shooter where you're a bounty hunter and you have to arrest criminals.


Bounty Hunter Theme


Money Cashed

This is a game where you drive a pirate ship. You have to avoid the rocks, sink the other pirates before they sink you, and bail the water out of your hull. Music Pirate Theme


Change the Sail
Bail Water